An Episode of Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue is a Canadian character-driven procedural set in Toronto. It follows five rookies from their first day on the job, onwards, showcasing their trials and tribulations, along with the more seasoned cops in 15 Division.


3×10 – Cold Comforts

The third episode of season three begins with the funeral for fallen detective, Jerry Barber. Jerry, who was engaged to one of the five original rookies on the show, died in the episode prior. An officer had been kidnapped, and he went by himself to question the taxi driver that took her home to see if he saw anyone driving behind him. The driver was not a suspect until Jerry was inside of the house and saw evidence. Jerry was stabbed, and one of the last things he ever did was to put the phone he still didn’t know how to use after months of having it into the pocket of his killer, so that his fellow cops would be able to track him and find the missing officer. He died a hero, and the remembrance of that is how this episode begins.

His friends, gathered around his newly filled grave, comment on how beautiful the service was. One of Jerry’s closest friends, Oliver, mentions how everyone spoke kind words and commemorated Jerry for his noble death, but nobody actually spoke about who Jerry was as a person. His friends make observations about Jerry, his fiancé Traci adding, “Jerry who proposed to me by engraving it on the back of a knife… This is Jerry… Oh my god,” as she sits looking down on his grave. Sam, who was supposed to be Jerry’s best man at his wedding, stands solemn in the background before walking away. Andy, Traci’s best friend and Sam’s girlfriend, tells Traci they can stay there all day if they want to. Oliver adds,

“You know what. Today’s a good day. It is, it is. Tomorrow’s gonna be… much different. Yesterday we had the wake, today, the funeral. Tomorrow there’s nothing left to do. Tomorrow we’re gonna wake up and the world’s going to expect it to be like any other day.”

Gail, the officer who Jerry died trying to save, is lying in a hospital bed with her back to Nick, her boyfriend, who is dressed in formal “officer-wear” as he tells her about the funeral. He tells her he can take her there, but it’s obvious to the viewer that Gail is having a really hard time. She pretends that she needs to stay in the hospital for more tests, and Nick, knowing this isn’t true, accepts what she’s saying.

Oliver decides to take the day off of work. He makes a hypocritical comment that’s funny if you know his character, which is, “Why is it that whenever something tragic happens all anyone wants to do is talk about food? What’s food gonna do.” (Oliver loves food)

Sadie, a prostitute that has been seen more than once on the show, comes into the station yelling that she needs to speak to Jerry Barber, and Andy has to inform her that he’s died. Meanwhile, Dov and Chris, two of the other original rookies (all of which are: Andy, Traci, Gail, Dov and Chris) are busy emptying out Jerry’s desk to put in a cardboard box.

Oliver, on his personal day, is at the bar. He orders two drinks. One for himself, and one to place in front of an empty seat beside him for Jerry. “Cheers buddy” as he clings his bottle against “Jerry’s” glass.

Gail is talking to Luke, a detective, at the hospital about her attack and what she remembers. “I don’t know what he wanted. I can only assume that his plan was to rape and kill me. If it wasn’t for Jerry.”

Noelle, another officer, comes to join Oliver at the bar, placing her newborn baby on the counter in her carseat. She asks Oliver if the empty seat is Jerry’s, and Oliver says yes but she can sit down because he’s in the can. He then reaches out for the scotch, says “Don’t drink his scotch” manoeuvres it around her, says “you either” to the baby, and pulls it back to him. After joking around about breast milk, Oliver and Noelle get serious. Noelle says she still can’t believe this is real, and Oliver replies with:

“Occupational hazard, right? I know they prepare us for it, pfft. Out of the five of us to come up together Jerry’s the first… he’s… the first to go. I never thought it’d happen.” He takes a swig of his beer. “I mean I never really thought that it would happen.”

Traci hangs around the station all day not knowing what to do with herself. She goes to talk to Sadie (the woman who was looking for Jerry), and Sadie says to her, “Jerry was your guy right?” Traci replies that yeah, yeah he was.

Traci goes to visit Gail in the hospital and realizes that Gail can not look at her. Gail thinks that every time Traci looks at her, she’ll be reminded of why her fiancé died.

“Gail. Gail. You can look at me. You can look at me.”

“I can’t.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Yes it is.”

“No it’s not.”

“His phone saved my life, and if it wasn’t for me he would have still had it and he would have been able to call for help, so.”

“Well that’s just who Jerry is. Who Jerry was. You can’t blame yourself for that.”

“And now every time you look at me you are going to be reminded of why your fiancé died.”

“No… I’m gonna be reminded that his death meant something. And that he died for something important.”

Gail finally looks at Traci. 

“I I wanna help you I want to do something what what can I do for you?” – Gail

“I need you to come with me. Cause I could use a friend now.” – Traci

(Note: It’s better on screen)

Traci and Gail join Oliver at the bar, and Oliver shows them Jerry’s seat, scotch and peanuts, and Traci replies “Yeah but Jerry’s allergic to peanuts, what you trying to do, kill him?” Oliver laughs, and says that it’s good she still has a sense of humour.

“You know what Jerry did last week? Jerry bought me five pairs of underwear. Yeah he saw that I was wearing those briefs, you know the normal ones. And uh, he said that women didn’t like those anymore and that maybe that’s why my wife left me, so he bought me five pairs. Striped. I’m wearing them now, you gotta see these things.” – Oliver to Traci and Gail. Traci says that’s okay (doesn’t want to see), and Oliver says that he was just saying, it takes a great man to tell his friend when to change his underwear. As Traci goes to talk to Noelle, you can see Oliver rubbing Gail’s back in the background and cupping her face, happy that she’s OK.

Noelle asks Traci how she is, and Traci answers, “Numb. Ask me again in five minutes.”

Sam, who clearly does not know how to handle his grief, tries to avoid Andy as the day goes on. Andy, trying to help and not know what she can do for him, doesn’t see that he just wants to be away from her for a while to deal with things. Sam finally snaps, and says angrily to her, “We are not one person, okay? I am tired of following around that voice inside your head. I should have listened to Jerry the other night instead I listened to you.” (Referring to Jerry wanting to question the taxi driver, but Andy thought the bartender was the one who kidnapped Gail, and Sam went with Andy so Jerry went by himself). Andy responds with, “Are you blaming me for Jerry? (dying)” Sam, who’d started to walk away, turns around and says, “I blame myself, okay? Because I’m stupid enough to get into the habit of listening to a rookie’s instincts instead of my own. I really just needed to stay away from you, a little, but you had to suck me into your day. I can’t do it anymore.” Before walking away from her.

At the end of the episode, everyone is at the bar for a celebration of Jerry’s life. Oliver makes a toast saying through tears, “He was a good man and a good cop. I never got to tell him that. So um, I’d like to say um, Jerry buddy I’m drinking your scotch my man, cheers.” As he tries not to cry. Traci steps forward and says that she actually has something to say. While Chris and Dov were emptying out Jerry’s desk, they found the speech Jerry had wrote for his and Traci’s wedding, and Traci wants to read it.

“Thank you for coming. I’ll make it short so we can get to the party, but who am I kidding some of you are probably already drunk, Oliver. I am the luckiest man alive. I don’t just have good friends, I have great friends. Noelle, thanks for helping me make the playlist for this little shindig. Gotta be honest though when you weren’t looking I did sneak the Macarena back on there. Olli you know you’re my brother. I can only hope that I am half the husband you are, and when the time comes half the dad.”

Traci stops reading as says “Just so you guys know crying or not I am going to read this whole damn thing.” She continues,

“Sammy, the best man. No truer words were ever spoken. I trust you with my life because no matter what happens I know you’ll always have my back. I love you man. And to my beautiful wife, Traci.”

Traci can’t compose herself enough to continue reading, so Gail takes the letter from her, being the friend that Traci earlier said she needed, and continues where Traci left off.

“And to my beautiful wife, Traci. You aren’t just part of my life, you are my life. You have taken this simple man, and made him a King. Until the day I die, you will always hold the key to my heart.” She then hugs a crying Traci. It’s all very emotional stuff.

Sam then leaves the bar and Andy follows him outside where it’s raining. After some small talk about the case they were working on, she says to him,

“I know you’re grieving. I know we all grieve in our own way. Don’t take this out on me.”

Sam, who is very calm, says “I did take it out on you. I’m sorry.”

“If you really blame me for Jerry…”

“I don’t, I don’t.”

“Then why are you so mad at me?”

“I’m not mad. I just can’t, I can’t do this anymore.”

“Can’t do what?”

“I can’t be a cop, and be with you.”

“Sam this is not about our job.”

“We knew this was trouble even before we started.”

“Okay look, I’m, I’m trying to talk to you, okay, I want to go through this with you. I know you’re hurting.”

“Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m not myself, I don’t know, okay, but this is my feeling, in my gut, right now, alright? I can’t do this anymore.”

“No you don’t mean this.”

“Someday, we’ll be able to be frien—”

“Don’t, don’t do that. Don’t take everything that we are and button up our relationship with some stupid cliche.” Her voice cracks as she finishes as she’s crying while he remains calm. “Are you saying it’s over?”

Sam doesn’t answer.

“Then leave. Just get in your truck and go.” She says utterly heartbroken.

Sam hesitates before turning away, and Andy cries, left alone in the parking lot of a bar in the rain.

Before the episode ends, inside the bar is shown once more, and Traci speaks again. “When I woke up this morning I didn’t even know how I was going to get out of bed. But, I look around this room, and I see that I’m not alone. None of us are. So, please everybody just uh, raise a glass to my husband.”

The episode ends with the phone ringing in Jerry’s office, with nobody there to answer it.

And that’s a wrap to the episode.

Some clips of things that I talked about: – Gail talking to Luke in the hospital – Wedding speech – Sam breaks up with Andy

Songs in this episode:

Time & Place  –  In-flight Safety (Canadian)

Prelude to the Ride/Ride Like Hell  –  F. Scott & The Ashbury Band

Those Days  –  F. Scott & The Ashbury Band

All I Need to Do  –  Cavaliers (Canadian)

By My Side  – William Fitzsimmons


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